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Refresh Tears

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This soluble drug is prescribed to comfort the parched and irritated eyes. Wind, sun, heat, air conditioning, computer, reading and certain form of medications are found responsible to cause such eye disorders. Refresh tears is finished up of various components such as carboxymethyl cellulose, dextran, glycerin, hypromellose, polyethylene glycol, polyvinyl alcohol, povidone, etc. acts splendidly to assuage eye impediments. An eye emollient aids keep the eye saturated prevent from injury, contagion and reduce the complication of dehydrated eyes such as burning, itching, irritating, etc. If, you are facing such issues and looking to sort it out use refresh tears; you can get it in a reasonable price, if ordered form our site.

Manufacturer: Zydus Healthcare

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How to use Refresh Tears

Before using “refresh tears” you need to wash your eyes, be hygienic throughout the process. Shake the decanter well and pour it from the distance, not proceeding beyond the prescribed amount. Read the instruction well before using it. Normally, it has been prescribed to take two drops at a time and twice in a day. Further, it depends upon the condition. Do not make finger contact with the eyes. Applying during bed times seems to be best because your eyes go to the rest. Put the drop exactly over the cornea and place the lid properly after appliance. Finish the dose in a month after unlocking.

Prevention therapy 

Anyone allergic to this solution must avoid taking it. Run the dose as it has been prescribed, do not take it in smaller or higher amount or more frequent, then it’s administered. Remove the lens while dropping the solution; wipe the spread solution through the cotton, instead of using your finger to wipe. Do not rush to do machinery work, avoid gazing computer and exposing to the sunlight for a longer period.

Side-effects of using refresh tears 

Blurry vision, irritation, itching, dizziness, watery eyes, puffiness, etc. are some form of side-effects, if practiced excessively.


Storage is the main part of the drugs; place it in the calm temperature.

Additional information

Stand Up

35″L x 24″W x 37-45″H(front to back wheel)

Folded (w/o wheels)

32.5″L x 18.5″W x 16.5″H

Folded (w/ wheels)

32.5″L x 24″W x 18.5″H

Door Pass Through




Weight (w/o wheels)

20 LBS

Weight Capacity

60 LBS



Handle height (ground to handle)



12″ air / wide track slick tread

Seat back height


Head room (inside canopy)



Blue, Orange, White, Yellow


L, M, XL


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