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Norinyl-1 announced a kind of hormonal contraceptive pills also known as birth control pills. It comprises 2 active components called mestranol and norethisterone. It’s a kind of natural synthetic versions takes place in female sex hormones called estrogen and progesterone. Mestranolgets converted into the body in the phase of Ethinylestradiol stated as a synthetic form of estrogen. Besides, norethisterone declared as synthetic form of progesterone.

Manufacturer: Zydus Healthcare



Deed of the pills

The daily consumption of this pill averts the formation and ripening of the egg resultsdischarge of it from the ovaries every month. This actually fails the egg to develop or prepared for pregnancy. It actually upsurges the wideness of the natural mucus at the collar of the womb that turns the sperm tougher to passthrough the vagina inside the womb and linkedto the egg. It also leads to modify the eminency of the womb covering (endometrium), turning it less possibleto inseminates the egg toimbed.

Benefits of using it

Online Norinyl-1 results lighter aching and proper menstrual bleeding. It would be helpful for the women to ease heavy, painful or irregular menstruation.

Dosage guidance 

Norinyl-1 is a monophasic supplements comprising same hormonal dose in each pill. A one kit holds 21 pills of 21 days resting one week of menstruation.The break of one week results, automatic decrement in the hormone of the blood, consequencesnormal menstruation bleeding. Start with the new kit after maintaining the gap of 7 days menstruation. Purchase Norinyl-1birth control pill kit on our site called onlinegenericpillrx.com in a very low-price.We stood a most eminent site around the world due to good quality, quantity and confident effect.

Prevention therapy

This is a contraceptive or pregnancy prevention kit must not use for abortion or terminating the baby. In short, this pill is not applicable for the pregnant women. A female under lactating stage must not have this medicine still 6 weeks.A female with blood clot history must be careful while having this tablet. It would be better seeking help of the doctor.The pill needs to be consumed wholly without crushing or making it half.Do not take any other medicinealong withthis; maintain some hour’s gap between the dosages.

Side-effects of Norinyl-1

Nausea, vomiting, vaginal parchedness, mood swing, irritation, weakness, thirsty, etc. are some most seen factors.


Place the kit at the room temperature away from sunrays, kids and water.

Additional information

Stand Up

35″L x 24″W x 37-45″H(front to back wheel)

Folded (w/o wheels)

32.5″L x 18.5″W x 16.5″H

Folded (w/ wheels)

32.5″L x 24″W x 18.5″H

Door Pass Through




Weight (w/o wheels)

20 LBS

Weight Capacity

60 LBS



Handle height (ground to handle)



12″ air / wide track slick tread

Seat back height


Head room (inside canopy)



Black, Green, Red


L, M


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