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Gaining Weight, The Only Challenge?

While most of us in the world want to lose weight and want a perfect body, many people still struggle to gain weight. It is believed that Gaining weight is way more difficult than losing weight. People put enormous attempts and effort to gain weight but most of them still fail in it.

Reasons Why People Suffer Gaining Weight :

resone for Gaining Weight


It is believed that many people have hereditary weight gain issues while some of them suffer genetically to gain healthy weight.


In these busy times where everybody works hard to pay their bills most of us forget to consume meals or skip them, which is one of the most important ways to keep our body strong and healthy. While some people tend to exercise a lot, but they do not consume enough amounts of calories. This is one of the particular reasons for not gaining weight.


As the role of the thyroid glands is to create hormones so that our metabolism rate is normal and we get enough energy. But sometimes thyroid glands don’t create enough thyroid hormones, thus this leads to a condition known as hyperthyroidism. In this condition, the metabolism rate is so fast that even if we consume extra meals still we don’t tend to gain weight. Hence people start feeling anxious and stressed.

Gastrointestinal Issues

It is also termed as MALABSORPTION SYNDROME. This health condition affects the intestine, which means that our body is not consuming enough food and thus makes you malnutrition. This disease can have effects such as body fatigue, pain in the abdomen, and gas.

Threats Of Being Underweight:

  • Skin, Hair, and Teeth problems
  • Getting sick more often.
  • Anemia.
  • Irregular periods.
  • Body fatigues and tiredness.
  • Premature growth.
  • Osteoporosis.
  • Mental illness.
  • Some chronic diseases.

Some Curative Majors:

Key components to gain weight are:

  • Including high-protein snacks will help gain weight. Some high-protein snacks can be Protein Bars, Handful of almonds, Hummus, Peanut butter, and many other things.
  • It is believed that many people cannot consume larger meals altogether so they don’t consume enough food in a day. Therefore, if these meals are divided into small portions and consumed throughout the day it can be helpful.
  • Avoid eating food those are high in sugar and salt.
  • Strength training and yoga can help to gain weight.
  • The most important part is to see a good healthcare expert.

Is Being Underweight Taking A Toll On Our Mental Health?

Most of the people in the world believe in physical beauty. Thus, being underweight can make a lot of people question themselves and create a level of low esteem. People are also afraid of getting bullied on the basis of how they look and this highly makes them feel depressed or anxious. Therefore, we should always be kind with our words so that it doesn’t affect anybody’s mental health.

Thus, everybody should be more patient towards their bodies as it takes time to show the result of every medicine consumed or even exercised that we perform to gain weight.



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