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Fall In Love With Your Eyelashes

longer eyelashes

The most important thing is to take care of a human body then you may get the response as facial care.

The face is the most important and sensitive part of the body which needs at most care and timely treatment to bring glow, charm and improvise your beauty. A face is consisting of eyes nose, lips cheeks to where people give theirs at most attention. But have you ever noticed your eyelash?

Eyelashes protect the eyes and add intensity to the beautiful eyes of a person. It may have significant facial attributes, but act as a protective layer from micro debris, sweat, and dirt particles from entering into eyes. The eye is the most vital and precious part of the body for an individual. Therefore eyelashes for the eyes are equally important as much as glowing skin for women. Taking proper care of the eyelashes is equally important to beautify their look. That is why women give more care to their eyelashes which makes them look more extensive and beautiful.

Nowadays there is a wide range of cosmetics and professional beauty hacks are available in the market, which helps to give an extension to your lashes.

Day to daycare

Thoroughly clean your face and the area of your eyes before going to sleep every day.

Make use of a cleanser for removing the make-up or dirt from your eyes

Do not use soap for cleaning eyelashes

Avoid waterproof eye product

Use moisturizers for lashes but make sure it should not enter into your eyes.

Helpful for the growth

eyelashes growth serum


Helps in improving healthy lashes as it has vitamin B


This helps in smoothing the cell and adds volume and strength

Castrol oil

This will help in thinking about the lashes and adds growth to the lashes.

How to use the extensive product for lashes?


Primer - eyelashes extension

It is used for eyelashes before applying any cosmetics.

It is used in combination with mascara for lashes

Lashes must be fully coated with primer and become dry before applying makeup.


Eyeliner - eyelashes extension

Applying the liner at the right outer rim of the eyelid makes the lashes look longer

Use the liner as close to the base of the lash as the line for a better look.

Never use the liner at the inner part that touches the eyes as it contains chemicals that get harmful reactions to the eyes.

Eyelash curling

Eyelash-curling-eyelashes extension

Curling your lashes looks like a longer lash with large and bright eyes

Clean the lashes thoroughly before applying curler.


Mascara-eyelashes extension

Mascara wand must be clean with the tissue before applying to the lashes.

Preferably use waterproof mascara to strengthen eyelashes.

Fake eyelashes

fake-eyelashes extension

Before applying any fake lash makes sure it is of good quality.

Ensure that you are not allergic to fake eyelash

Remove the eyelash when it is not necessary

Use baby oil or Vaseline to remove the lashes

Eyelashes are most sensitive and important to take care of. It is safe to have proper guidance and advice from a skin doctor or professional before applying any kind of product or remedy for the eyelash.

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